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Learn about the OER MOOC

The Open Education Resources is a 4 week online program designed to enhance knowledge about OERs and to equip for effective use and adopt OERs in ones programs as well as to be able to create your own OERs and contribute to the pool of OER resources. The nominal duration for completing this course is 4 weeks. However, because of the nature of this program which allows flexibility and personalisation, participants may take another 2 weeks if they so wish to complete the course. This MOOC is designed to help impart the knowledge and develop the skills needed to be successful in learning from OERs or teaching the chosen subject to post secondary students and life-long learners using OERs. MOOC after OER include access to colleagues and discussion forums with other MOOC participants centered upon common interests and pursuits.


LO1: Become informed of the various OERs, their different sources and the skills of searching and inclusion of OERs in educational programs.
LO2: Able to search for open licensed materials and create OERs.
LO3: Appreciate the significance of OERs Open Licenses in the evolution of copyright law and how new licensing regimes such as 'creative commons' become a game changer in education.
LO4: Will be able to develop a sample OER related to his/her field of expertise.

What do we expect of the learners

In order to receive the maximum benefits from this course, participants should....
  • dedicate focused time towards learning
  • participate in discussions
  • be active learners
  • share their ideas and experiences
Course Overview

The OER MOOC’ comprises 4 modules. All these modules have a nominal duration of one week, each module being structured as 5 sessions, which may be seen as a daily action plan for systematic and regular participation in learning and have similar components including:
  • Introductory Text based materials
  • Introductory Video
  • Lecture Presentations
  • Blog posts for learning materials
  • Tweets from time to time
  • A resource base of links to relevant resources
Each module takes approximately 4-5 hours, depending on ability and engagement with online materials. The indicative themes for the 4 modules is as follows:

Module 1 - The OER movement:
Session 1.1: The story of OERs (a disruptive innovation) and its aspirations
Session 1.2: Introduction to Licensing: Copyright and Creative Commons
Session 1.3: Taxonomy / Classification/ Tagging of OERs
Session 1.4: Sources of Resources for OERs
Session 1.5: OERs OERs in India and other regions (Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas)

Module 2 - Learning from OERs:
Session 2.1: A survey of learning tools and learning opportunities with OERs
Session 2.2: How to choose an appropriate OER?
Session 2.3: Requisite learner skills set for learning from an OER
Session 2.4: Recognition of learning from OERs
Session 2.5: Augmenting the learning environment with OERs and Educational Games

Module 3 - Effective Teaching with OERs:
Session 3.1: Instructional design considerations for an OER
Session 3.2: Assessment of suitability , and adopting of an OER in a learning context
Session 3.3: Monitoring the impact of OER on a course and measuring its success
Session 3.4: Licensing: copy right and creative commons
Session 3.5: Developing an OER for a specific learning context and Contributing to an OER Repository

Module 4 - OERs and Education Providers :
Session 4.1: Policy imperatives driving OERs
Session 4.2: OERs as an economic value proposition
Session 4.3: Models of adoption of OERs: Global Case Studies
Session 4.4: Developing Institutional OER adoption plans
Session 4.5: Beyond OERs: What next?



Prof. Sanjay Jasola, Dr. Ramesh C. Sharma and Dr. Nellie Deutsch
> Cost: FREE <

This course is closed for further enrollments. Send us an email at for notification of when this course will be offered.



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