Friday, January 24, 2014

Open Educational Resources (OER): Neue Herausforderungen für Bibliotheken = Open Educational Resources (OER): New Challenges for Libraries


The article introduces Open Educational Resources (OER) as a possible future field of activity for scientific libraries. In order to do so, it explains the basics of the OER-concept and presents the results of a survey concerning the participation of libraries and librarians in OER-projects which was conducted 2012 at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow). The study comes to the conclusion, that libraries and librarians can yield important competences into OER-projects, though this is not well enough known by both, libraries and OER-projects. According to the author OER enables scientific libraries to participate in the academic educational process stronger than ever before. At the same time new challenges arise within the areas of awareness raising, metadata standards, OER-supply, OER-production and OER-management.

Jan Neumann / Bibliotheksdienst / Volume 47, Issue 11, Pages 805–819 / DOI: 10.1515/bd-2013-0094 / November 2013

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