Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Advocacy/Policy Strategy. The top priority for SPARC will be to raise the public policy profile of Open Access to the results of research - including journal articles, data and educational resources. 

  • Leading efforts to advocate for policies that provide for Open Access to journal articles, data and educational resources on the institutional, state, national and international levels
  • Supporting research on social/economic benefits of Open Access to research outputs
  • Leading and expanding U.S. National Working Group on Open Access
  • Working with media outlets to promote public awareness of Open Access
  • Working with public and private research funders to create and implement Open Access policies
  • Expanding wholesale communications and outreach efforts to maximize reach of campaigns
  • Actively participating in coalitions working on our target "Open" issue areas
  • Participate in and promote productive collective efforts to build scalable capacity to support effective implementations of Open Access policies (i.e., SHARE, OpenAire, etc.)
  • Hosting Biennial North American Meeting on Open Access to journal articles, data and educational resources



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