Saturday, January 25, 2014

OER 10 > What Do Academic Libraries Have to Do With Open Educational Resources? Theme: Long Term Sustainability of Open Education Projects First Steps to Start Up


This paper will discuss the possible roles of academic libraries in promoting, supporting, and sustaining institutional Open Educational Resource initiatives. It will note areas in which  libraries or librarians have skills and knowledge that intersect with some of the needs of academic staff and students as they use and release OERs. It will also present the results of a brief survey of the views of some OER initiatives on the current and potential role of academic libraries


There are indentified points of contact between libraries and OER initiatives and ways in which they could collaborate to better support academic staff and students. This paper has sought to sketch out some ideas and report on a preliminary survey exploring the views and practice of OER initiatives in this area. It is clearly only the first stages of any investigation into the roles of libraries and there are some critical questions, outside the scope of this study, around the compatibility of teaching and library cultures and the differences in how teaching materials are found and used that would need to shape that future work. The survey results as they stand, however, demonstrate that there is some library involvement in OER initiatives and common areas of interest that a greater role for libraries is one route that could be explored in making OER initiatives more sustainable.

Roberston, R. John (2010). What do academic libraries have to do with Open Educational Resources? Theme: Long term sustainability of open education projects. In Open Ed 2010 Proceedings. Barcelona


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