Sunday, March 9, 2014

Open Education Handbook

This handbook will be a deliverable of work package 4 (WP4): Dissemination and Community-building of the LinkedUp Project. This work package is led by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

The LinkedUp project description of work (DOW) describes the “LinkedUp Handbook on Open Data in Education, a resource for both educators and Web data providers as well as adopters…. the LinkedUp Handbook (D4.4) will be created as a living document to reflect project learnings and findings which will help others, both during the project and beyond it”.

The handbook is envisaged as a “collaboratively written living web document targeting educational practitioners and the education community at large”. The original intention was only to cover open data use in education but it was felt that a broader scope would enable readers to have a better understanding of how different aspects or facets of open education, such as resources, data and culture, fit together. It would also allow exploration of how open education can benefit from open and linked data approaches.

The first version of the handbook was delivered in October 2013 (Open Education Handbook V1), but this is not a formal publication endpoint, merely a milestone. The final version will be delivered a year later in October 2014.

The LinkedUp DOW states that “the handbook will continue to grow and evolve and is meant as a living and involving community document.” In response to this, and with the long term sustainability of the project in mind, the Open Knowledge Foundation have decided that the writing of the Open Education Handbook is also one of the first community activities of the recently launched Open Education Working Group, which binds together people interested in any aspect of open education.  

During the course of writing the handbook many organisations and individuals have contributed. These are listed in the acknowledgements section. 

  • Open Education Resources
  • Open Licenses
  • Open Learning and Practices
  • Open Badges
  • Open Policy
  • Open Data
  • Other 
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